The Baton


The Thames River Relay has one very important job.  To transport the ‘baton’ down the Thames, passing it between our very many SUP clubs and adventure groups.

So what is the baton?  This year the baton has been kindly donated by the Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) and Life Without Plastic.  Being relayed down the Thames is their PPC Reusable Water Bottle, plastic-free and made from stainless steel.  Inside the bottle is 800ml of water which has been collected from the source of the River Thames on the 1st September on the first leg of the relay.

Who are the PPC and Life Without Plastic?  Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, organisations, businesses and policymakers working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, the ocean and the environment.  PPC have a brilliant range of resources and tips on how each and every one of us can make a difference in reducing our plastic waste.  Need ideas for plastic alternatives, then Life Without Plastic has endless products and tips, showing how you can live a greater plastic-free lifestyle. 

We thank PPC and Life Without Plastic for partnering us in the first Source to Sea SUP Thames River Relay!

What will happen with the Thames source water when the baton passes through the Thames Barrier?  Watch this space!